Dear Friends,

Welcome to Krakow, former capital of Poland, the royal city of the seat of Polish monarchs and cradle of Polish culture, history and art. 
Don´t miss out on the opportunity to visit a city that was declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1978. A treasure trove of national monuments, with fascinating places to visit like the city’s medieval Old Town, and the famous Rynek Glowny, one of the largest medieval squares in Europe., And why not take a walk around Wavel Castle or any of the other splendid buildings and churches in its surroundings? Finally, don’t forget a walk by the Vistulan Boulevards, a waterside walkway popular for bars on boats and terrace cafes. 
For those of you who know about the history of Krakow, you will be aware that the city was devastated by the Mongols in the 13th century, only to be rebuilt from scratch and return to its ancient glamour, remaining unchanged up until this day.
It is for this special reason that the choice of this city symbolizes the return of our EPOS Society back to its full splendor after the devastating years of pandemic and lack of chances to meet face to face.
But Krakow is not only known for its history, it is also the cultural capital of Poland. Its strong cultural heritage with its ancient universities, theaters, museums, and Opera House, will offer a fantastic chance to make your visit an unforgettable stay for more reasons than one.

So why not come to Krakow, enrich yourself with its history and culture, and enjoy of an unforgettable meeting surrounded by the most relevant members of the world of pediatric orthopedics? 

Ignacio Sanpera
EPOS President 2022-2023